Activator contains 100 high quality presets for Enzyme and Enzyme Player by sound designer Guy Richardson, which are perfect for everything from space disco to psychedelic rock. Brimming with atmosphere, quirkiness and character, these sounds will breath life into your music and bring you endless inspiration.

Every preset contains virtually limitless variations thanks to the clever use of Enzyme's performance parameters.


•Number of sounds: 100

•Genres: Retro Futurism, Soundtrack, Psychedelic, Industrial, IDM

•Sound Designer: Guy Richardson

•Download Size: 26MB

•Requirements: Enzyme 1.0.47+ or Enzyme Player 1.0.46+


15 Atmospherics
12 Basses
7 Keys
22 Leads
15 Pads
7 Percussives
6 Sequences/Loops
9 Sound FX
7 Synths