Enzymatic Synthesis 1

50 unique presets to enrich your music with Textured, Complex, Organic, Rich sounds and bring Epic, Mysterious and Sensual touch to any musical project. Based in a wide range from soft and misty (Noosphere) to crisp and bright (Scanned Clavinet) these sounds will fit well in the mix.

Every preset contains virtually limitless variations thanks to the clever use of Enzyme's performance parameters.


•Number of sounds: 50

•Genres: Ambient, New Age, Cosmic, Experimental

•Sound Designer: Julian Ray

•Download Size: 1.1MB (Mac) / 580KB (Win)

•Requirements: Enzyme 1.0.47+ or Enzyme Player 1.0.46+


6 Atmospherics
5 Guitars
11 Keys
9 Leads
5 Organs
7 Pads
4 Strings
3 Vocals