Humanoid Sound Systems Is Shutting Its Doors

To our valued users, who have made this journey possible...

We regret to inform you that Humanoid Sound Systems Limited will be shutting down after 11 years of delivering unique and innovative music software and sounds to the world. This shutdown will take place on the 10th of November 2018. We will continue to offer our products for purchase until then and we will also offer renewed download emails for anyone who requires them up until that date. However, we cannot make any further updates to the software.

We thank you for all your support over the years.

We are Humanoid Sound Systems and we develop Enzyme, Enzyme Player and Scanned Synth Pro, the multi award-winning VST Plugin and AU Plugin synthesisers. We also create and sell presets and samples. Click on the product images below to see some of our latest releases or browse our entire collection using the menus above.

"ENZYME is capable of producing sounds of staggering beauty as well as knee-wobbling terror. For some of us, that's all we've ever asked for ." 

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Scot Solida - Computer Music Magazine

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Enzyme $79.99 USD

Download the ENZYME VST and Audio Units plugin demo today

"Radiophonic and industrial fans will love it, as will purveyors of IDM and dubstep"

Scot Solida - Computer Music Magazine


"Enzyme is one of those products that has the happy knack of channelling serendipity... I've already built up a library of presets simply by hitting the random button and making minor adjustments to the results, and very few of them are sounds that I could have programmed by any other means, or in any other synthesizer. Highly recommended and, at the price, a complete bargain."

Sam Inglis - Sound On Sound

 Will Morton

Will Morton

"I love Enzyme - it's not a bread-and-butter synth by any stretch of the imagination, but this is a good thing as Enzyme is truly unique.  With careful use (and sometimes experimentation!) you can create sounds as varied as thick full basses, luscious warm pads, eerie atmospheres and - if you want to - you can create some seriously brain-shredding monstrosities.  For musicians and sound designers alike, Enzyme is a true sci-fi secret weapon."

Will Morton - Video game audio designer (IMDb page)